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Our Pricing Plans

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Basic Plan
This is the Basic Monthly Plan, with 1-Time 2000 initial setup Fee. Rs. 1500.0/- For 3 Month(s)

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This is the Smart 6-Month Plan, with 1-Time 5000 initial setup Fee. Rs. 5495.0/- For 6 Month(s)

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This is Business Plus Yearly Plan, with 1-Time 5000 initial setup Fee. Rs. 9995.0/- For 12 Month(s)

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How to Create Free E-Commerce Store?

Follow these steps to enable E-Commerce store within Minutes

Step 1
Simply click below Start Now link and get started with the simple Sign Up wizard.
Step 2
Choose your desired Store Name and sign up for a free e-commerce webstore.
Step 3
Then select a template, from our wide range of templates available, according to your product offerings.
Step 4
Choose a list of categories in which your products fall, to categorize your products.
Step 5
Customize your online store’s design, and provide other details.
Step 6
Simply now add products into your store, do product tagging and try to add clear images of your products to enhance your sale and start selling!
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Choose from a variety of attractive templates.

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